The 2017 Tattoo in Edinburgh – A Taste of Tartan



Special Message from our President

We just received notice that Clan Wallace has been invited to actively participate the 2017 Tattoo, A splash of tartan , on Monday night August 14th 2017. Come join with other Wallace's and march in the opening ceremony.

This is a once and a lifetime opportunity to actually be part of the Tattoo at the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade. There are only two requirements,

  1. registration is through March 1st.
  2. participates have to wear tartan. Banners, weapons, pipers and drummers will all be welcome as are children.

What also makes this particular night special is that the BBC will be filming the event. (How often do events you participate in end up on TV?)

Our Clan Chief Andrew will not be able to attend, but has asked Falconer Wallace of Candacraig to stand in for him.

The Wallace Pipes and Drums of Malta will also be participating in the Tattoo, so there will be lots of Wallace Tartan in the event.

Ordering tickets will be through a special website with a password that identifies you as a member of Clan Wallace. Send me an email to obtain the link and password. We are doing this at the request of the Tattoo management to keep the code from getting in the hands of scalpers. We will also use this method to keep a list of all those attending so we know who to contact with more details as they become available.

Checkout the official Tattoo Website for more information about the Tattoo itself.

The Standing Council of Chief's website has the latest list of Clans and Dates that other Clans will be participating.

I know this is late, but we received the official confirmation on January 24th. If you are interested but don't have time to finalize a trip. Get your Tattoo tickets now and plan other stops in Scotland after March 1st.

If you don't have a travel agent, or are intimidated by making reservations on the web, One of our members Lois Wallace, has a travel agency specializing in Celtic travel and tours. Call her at 775-567-0148 or email her

Marcia and I are seriously looking at going, so please come join us.