Kerr County Celtic Festival & Highland Games – Point Theater, Ingram, TX

kerr_county_cf_2015The Kerr County Celtic Festival & Highland Games, were held at Point Theater, Ingram, TX on August 15th & 16th, 2015, and Clan Wallace Society was there!  This was the first, and hopefully not the last, Kerr County Celtic Festival & Highland Games.  Although the weather was hot, the humidity was relatively low with the Guadalupe River close by.  Lynne and I participated in the opening parade and ceremony on Saturday.  Numerous people dropped by to look at what we had on display and find their clan home areas on the Clan Map of Scotland that was posted at the tent.  Several folks of Wallace affiliation stopped by and took membership information.  No current CWS members stopped by. Various activities and sanctioned heavy athletics took place throughout the area.  Saturday Night a ceilidh was held in the Gazebo lounge at Inn of the Hills Hotel in Kerrville.  We provided a fifth of Glenfiddich 12 year old Single Malt scotch for the ceilidh.  A good time was had by all at the ceilidh!  Sunday was another hot day with low humidity.  The various activities of Saturday continued on Sunday.   A Barbershop Quartet, called Unfinished Business, wandered throughout the area and sang at several of the Clan tents.  We plan to be there next year for their second annual festival next year.

Lynne & Frank Wallace Leslie

The Wallace Tartans


"Wallace Dress" or Wallace Red

Wallace "Red Modern"


This tartan pattern dates back to 1842.


This is the tartan that 3M uses on their "Scotch®" brand packaging tape.





Wallace "Red Ancient"




It also comes in the Ancient (where the red is a dark orange and the black is dark brown) and the Weathered where the colors are muted.






 "Wallace Hunting" or Wallace Green

Wallace "Hunting Modern"
Wallace "Hunting Modern"


Dated 1980.

You may also recognize this tartan as it is used on the 3M "Scotch Magic® Mending" packaging tape.

This is the tartan that both the Chief Ian and the Acting Chief Andrew wear.





Wallace "Hunting Ancient"
Wallace "Hunting Ancient"


 It also comes in the Ancient & Weathered.









The Wallace Blue


Wallace Blue
Wallace Blue


Dated pre-1985.  This tartan is not often seen. The previous Chief, the late Lt. Col. Malcolm Wallace of that Ilk, said when asked about the Wallace Blue, "it is a very nice tartan, but it's not Wallace". Malcolm only recognized the Red Wallace and under duress, the Green.





Miscellaneous Wallace Tartans

 "Dundee Wallace"
"Dundee Wallace"

 "Dundee Wallace".

Dated 1891.  This is known as a district tartan and therefore not recognized by the Chief of the Clan. It is unlike any of the other variations of the more common Wallace setts. The "Wallace of Dundee" is referred to in Charles B. Wallace's book, "The Clan Wallace" on page 35.







 "Wallace Blue Dress (Dance)"
"Wallace Blue Dress (Dance)"

"Wallace Blue Dress (Dance)"

This tartan is used by many of the Highland Dancers.
There is also a purple variety that the Highland dancers wear.

Notice that it has a White background. "Dress" tartans usually have a White background and were used for Evening or Formal wear as they are lighter/brighter and more easily seen in the low light of evening.




 "Wallace Dress"
"Wallace Dress"

  "Wallace Dress"

Dated 1842.  This was the Wallace tartan used for formal evening wear and is also known as the B&W MacFarlane.

I have only found this tartan on the web site of
Scottish Tartans Authority






Thanks to the Scottish Tartan Society and the Scottish Tartans Authority for the use of the GIFs of Wallace tartans.

Notice that a tartan repeats reversed both horizontally and vertically but a plaid only repeats.

Norman C. Knight

Norm Knight

Norman C. Knight
1930 ~ Woodslee, Ontario, Canada ~ 2014

Norm Knight, the loving husband of our own Advisory Director for Canada, Dorothy (Wallace) Knight, passed away on Thursday, June 12, 2014 surrounded by his family. Norm and Dorothy were best friends and married for almost 63 years.Norm was a retiree of Chrysler Corporation with 36 years of service, where he was a spray painter and worked in the "re-work" department refinishing imperfections resulting from the manufacturing process. He was a member of Woodslee IOOF Lodge Read More

The Wallace Well

CWSW Past-Director Wayne Jones of WV has written a very interesting history of "The Wallace Well." The Scots bard Blind Harry first mentioned the Wallace Well (spring) in his epic poem. William Wallace was captured at a farmhouse just a few yards from the well 706 years ago, on August 5, 1305. The Clan Wallace Society was instrumental in getting The Wallace Well historic site restored.

The Scots bard Blind Harry first mentioned the Wallace Well (spring) in his epic poem. William Wallace was captured at a farmhouse just a few yards from the well 706 years ago, on August 5, 1305. (The site of the nearby farmhouse was marked with a Celtic cross on August 4, 1900, Read More

William Wayne Wallace

williamwaynewallaceWilliam Wayne Wallace
1939 ~ Canyon Lake, TX ~ 2011

William Wayne Wallace departed this earth on July 29, 2011 in the presence of his loving wife. He was born February 15, 1939 in Belton, Texas. His birth was on the White Family Farm in Bell County.

Wayne attended Texas A&M University and graduated with honors in 1963 with a degree in Engineering. He later received his Professional Engineer License and worked for 13 years with Aramco in Saudi Arabia, before he retired. He was actively involved with the Southwest Texas Archeological Society. He was a Council Member Read More